No need for a massive following or years of experience, with Viral Agent Formula, the leads chase you!


I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Want a system to predictably generate qualified leads and ✅ I want to know how this guaranteed system can work for me...

"Kaila gave me a lot of insight and I fed off her energy to give me the confidence to post. I suggest you work with Kaila, she’s been great to work with!” - Sergio Armenta - High Country Real Estate, Ascott, Utah

"I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve gotten from social media aspect after working with Kaila. It’s about building a brand. Learn everything you can from Kaila!” - James Mitchner - 7 Figure Producer, Expired/FSBO Expert, Prescott, AZ

““Within 3 days of signing on with my firm I received my very first client, and if I hadn’t worked with Kaila as my coach, there would have been no way I could have a client within 3 days.” - Morgan Stumpf - Keller Williams Realty, Carthage, NC



  • ​Unstoppable Content Planning Blueprint 
  • ​Content Creation Master Class 
  • ​From Zero to Influencer: Social Media for Success 
  • ​AI Accelerator Cheat Codes 
  • ​ Evergreen Video Elite System 
  • ​Fortune Follow Up Framework 
  • ​Virtual Home Buyer Workshop 
What will you learn with the Viral Agent Formula:

This 8 Module, 50 video, course goes in depth into EVERYTHING you need to know to crush your YouTube Dreams! Every video is in detail with supporting documents, guides, spreadsheets, and screen recordings so you can follow along.

Here is what you can expect:

🎥- How to set up your winning YouTube Channel from start to finish with step-by-step video instructions

📝- Learn to fill out all descriptions with SEO packed template

🔎- Find search-worthy video topics that drive traffic to your channel

📋- Step by Step video planning, researching, and shooting video

🌟- Determine the best styles of video and use them with ease

🛠️- Discover the best tools to use in creating your content

📅- Optimize your schedule to ensure you're only spending 2-3 hours a week creating and posting content

🧾- Scripting your Videos

📹- How to film your videos and learn to film VLOGs (the magic is in the editing)

📢- Fully scripting out your intro, Outro, and Call to Action (they only call if you tell them to)

🎬- How to find and hire an Editor (NO you shouldn't be editing so I don't show you how) who will make everything you shoot look like gold!

📤- Proper methods of uploading and optimizing your video so you attract your ideal clients done step-by-step

📑- How to get people to book appointments on your calendar without ever talking to them

🌐- The importance of Thumbnails and how to make them stand out

🔍- Researching highly searched Video titles

🔔- Getting to your first 100 subscribers

⚗️- Enhancing your videos with A/B testing

⚙️- Lead flow, follow up, and automations to convert them to clients

🤖- AI Cheat Codes to help multiply your videos impact

📸- Shorts, and what not to do!

You ALSO get:

🧾- Full Scripts for Lead Conversion

📑- Scripts for setting the appointment and holding the appointment

♟️- Proven Video Content Strategy Guide to follow with every video to ensure you're using the converting formula

🚀- Full list of discounted Resources and Tools I use to create $95,000,000 pipeline in one year

🎬- Video Editor Pass Off sheet so your editor knows exactly what you need and desire- Video Script Outlines

📅- Video Shoot Planner Template

🧪- Full Video Topic List with the formula to build out even more videos

📋- Rapid Planning Method form based on Tony Robbins's daily planner to use every day to grow your business and get more done in less time

📊- Commission and lead Tracker spreadsheet - easy way to see every transaction, stock, client and more from every year in business!


🏚️- Virtual Home Buyer Workshop

📚- This mini course is complete with all step-by-step ad sets and an editable workbook for buyers which can also be used as a Buyer Consultation Presentation, step by step presentation. This system produced 40+ leads a week and helped me crush it in sales

💻- Multi-Social Marketing Method

🤝- This mini-course shows you how to not only stay in touch with your database but also reach additional clients via Facebook and the reach of social media channels. This simple system of producing a 3-minute video once a week has helped me stay in constant communication with my clients and database, bringing them relevant information consistently and making me the go-to for real estate.

🤖- AI Cheat Codes

📈- This mini-course shows you how to leverage the power of AI to create social media posts, scripts, topic searches, and more!
Meet Your Instructor
Founder, CEO
  • EXP ICON Agent 5x Over 
  • Top 1% of Realtors in the US
  • CEO of the Trulane Group real estate team
  • ​Co Owner of Transformation Homes residential home builders and renovators
  • ​Creator of multiple 6 Figure Businesses
  • ​Speaker and Coach
  • ​Author of "The Viral Agent Formula
Still have questions? Here's the most asked questions:
Do I need a big social media following?
No not at all! I am no influencer and yet I created massive success using all the strategies I teach in this course. All you need is a simple social media account to get in as many leads as you can handle.
I don’t have any experience with video, is this too advanced for me?
No experience, no problem. I will walk you through everything you need to know in order to create a converting video. Jennifer Aniston watch out!
I already do a lot of video but none of it converts leads for me. Will this course show me how to advance what I’m already doing?
Yes, I’m going to show you what you may have been missing all this time and help you fix it. Trust me… I have tried more than one Youtube channel and been posting video for 5 years. I didn’t get conversions until I made the changes that I’m going to teach you in this course
I don’t have money for a bunch of fancy tech and cameras
This course shows you how to use the tool you already have in your hand… your phone! That’s right, truly that is all you need!
If I don’t know how to edit video is that ok?
Yes, in fact I don’t know how to edit very well either. I’m going to show you where to find everyone and everything you need to create incredible videos.
How soon will I see leads coming in?
That all depends on how much effort you put in up front. Remember, YouTube and social media is a compounding affect; the more you put out up front the faster it grows. I received my first call after video #4, but you may see it sooner! Just do exactly what I teach and your pipeline will stay full regardless of the market!
How many hours a week does this take?
After you take the course and have your systems all set up, it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours a week to create and distribute all of the content to your audience
What if I’m scared of the camera?
After you take the course and have your systems all set up, it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours a week to create and distribute all of the content to your audience
I’ve always tried to do video but don’t know what to say. Do we get scripts?
YES! I have created scripts and video flow outlines so you never wonder what you need to say. I also created lead conversion scripts for Facebooke & Instagram as well as conversion scripts from your YouTube channel. Yes they need a different approach so I have you covered!
Do we get access to you for questions?
YES! When you join you will also get access to our Facebook group! In here you can connect with me for questions, OR hit me up in a DM :)
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